About us

  • Stephan Beck, CEO & Management Consultant

    With more than 20 years of experience in IT and security management, we decided to build a consulting company focused on cybersecurity, information security & resilience.

    With the digitalization of business processes and the growing complexity of the IT landscape, companies face the challenge of properly integrating information security into projects. We offer our customers holistic solutions, whether it is process optimization, implementation of management systems or penetration testing. We have your security in focus.

  • Bernhard Stefan, Senior Consultant Technology

    As an experienced engineer for electronics and technical computer science, I am specialized in Embedded Software Development, Pentesting and Cybersecurity Consulting in the Avionics, Railway and Automotive area.

    Cyberattacks can not only endanger the IT infrastructure of large and medium sized companies, but also disable embedded and IoT devices and cause unavoidable damage.

    With our approach of holistic consulting, we can not only establish preventive measures in cybersecurity, but also check your embedded devices for vulnerabilities and gaps, which will be closed as a matter of course. So that you are safe and secure.

    We have your security in focus.

“Security is always too much until the day it is not enough.”

Wiliam H. Webster. Former Director FBI