IT-Outsourcing adapted to your requirements

IT-Outsourcing adapted to your requirements

What do we mean by IT Outsourcing?

Many companies decide to outsource IT projects or individual tasks in order to be able to carry them out despite scarce personnel resources.
Applications, processes and digital products have to be developed, maintained and kept up-to-date. In most cases, these tasks occur irregularly, making it uneconomical or even impossible to handle them with in-house resources.

Personnel must be released, trained or newly recruited. For a temporary project or for infrequently occurring but nevertheless recurring tasks, this expense can be minimized by outsourcing.

With IT outsourcing, you transfer IT functions to an external partner for a defined period of time. This partner processes the transferred tasks independently or within a larger project and delivers the results at an agreed time.

BITS Consulting specializes in the areas of embedded development, big data, full-stack development and penetration testing, as well as IT security.

Of course, we take into account the relevant data protection and information security requirements in our projects.

Our services, your advantages:

  • Outsourcing Consulting

    We can advise you on your outsourcing strategy and help you prepare the scope for outsourcing.
  • InSourcing

    We will find the right specialists for you who will work hand in hand with your internal team and be available for specific tasks in the project.
  • Project Takeover

    You want to realize specific projects quickly?

    We take over the realization and the management of the projects for you, we coordinate all phases of the project plan, manage the project or subprojects and take over the realization.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It depends. Are the projects clearly scheduled and do you not have the necessary resources available internally? Then the answer is yes. Do tasks occur infrequently but regularly and it is not worthwhile to employ an internal resource for them? Then the answer is also yes.

    Contact us, regardless of whether the answer can be given so clearly, or a more detailed calculation is needed. We will be glad to help you!
  • The advantages are many and varied. They range from cost savings and transparency to planning reliability and consulting expertise. And, you can carry out projects that might not even be possible internally.
  • Conclude clearly defined contracts and service level agreements. Ensure structured project planning with clearly defined milestones.