BCM Consulting

BCM Consulting
Resilience of your organization is a guarantee of success

Resilience of your organization is a guarantee of success

What is Business Continuity Management ?

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is the strategic, tactical and operational ability of an organization to respond to emergencies or crises at an acceptable, predetermined level. BCM represents a holistic management process to counteract emergency situations with preventive measures and to increase the resilience of business processes.

Do you already have a plan B if your service provider suddenly can no longer deliver, or the building is no longer accessible due to flooding? Emergencies and crises can result in losses in the millions or cause damage that is no longer viable for a company.

In BCM, we consider the following worst-case scenarios: Loss of ICT, loss of personnel, and loss of service providers and buildings. The difference between ITSCM and BCM in the event of an ICT failure is that in IT service continuity management we look at the restart and recovery time of data centers, IT applications and basic IT services. BCM is about the recovery time (RTO) of business processes.

What can companies do?

Risk-minimizing measures and an established BCM process enable business processes to resume as quickly as possible in the event of a business interruption.

Business Continuity Management represents a holistic management process according to ISO 22301 to counteract crisis and emergency situations with preventive measures and increase resilience of business processes.

Our offers:

BCM consulting

Whether you need support along the determined lifecycle phases or want to introduce a BCM process, we are at your disposal.

BCM outsourcing

We take responsibility for your BCM so that you can concentrate on your core business. We offer complete outsourcing, implementation of specific measures or BCM projects.

Our services, your advantages:

  • Business Continuity Plans and Relevant Documentation

    You will receive from us different types of contingency plans according to worst-case scenarios, customized documents and templates.

    Thus, you will be able to respond quickly and effectively to threats and be best prepared for an audit.
  • Implemented BCM

    Whether you are implementing BCM for the first time or need support in certain phases of the lifecycle.

    We are happy to work out the necessary requirements and create a BCM project plan for it together with you. Wir erstellen gemeinsam mit Ihnen einen Projektplan und begleiten Sie bei der Realisierung. 
  • Transparency of your Processes

    With the implementation of BCM, you have a clear understanding of the dependencies of your processes and resources.

    This allows you to assess the consequences of an interruption of critical business processes.
  • Trained Personnel

    You want to be able to react correctly to emergencies and crises?

    With appropriate training and documented execution of tests and exercises, your employees are well prepared.
  • Audit of your BCM

    You want to be sure that your BCM system is properly lived in the company.

    With tests and exercises, you get an understanding of the practicality of your emergency plans.
  • Efficiency and competitive advantage

    With emergency preparedness implemented, you can not only stay on top of your business processes, but create a competitive advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With an implemented ISMS according to ISO 27001, corresponding incidents, or their impact, can be reduced.
    A Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) according to ISO 22301 provides solution options and contingency plans on how to restart the time-critical processes in case of an emergency and how to return them to normal operation.
  • Crises that are beyond your control cannot be avoided.
    However, BCM supports you in minimizing the damage to your company as far as possible.
  • BCM is first and foremost required for companies in the KRITIS industries (hospitals, energy and water suppliers, ...).
    However, since 01.01.2021 with the entry into force of the STaRUG all managers of limited liability legal entities are obliged to risk management. This also includes early crisis detection and crisis management, in particular BCM.