ISO 27001 Implementation

ISO 27001 Consulting
Create effective protection of your business through an ISMS

Create effective protection of your business through an ISMS

What is an ISMS according to ISO 27001?

An information security management system (ISMS) implements necessary and supporting processes that protect an organization’s information assets, reviews these processes, and periodically adapts them to changing circumstances to ensure continuous improvement.

The ISO 27001 standard defines the requirements for developing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an information security management system (ISMS).

Almost every day we hear and read about information security incidents. Today a ransomware attack at a hospital, yesterday a data center destroyed by fire, and tomorrow industrial espionage.

Cyberattacks are no longer a myth and are part of our reality today. For those affected, such a ransomware attack is very expensive, even if a ransom has not yet been paid.

In recent years, most companies have installed modern tools to defend against cyber threats. Nevertheless, many employees of a company are a potential vulnerability to cyberattacks. Exploiting the human factor still remains the easiest way to penetrate IT infrastructure. For example, links leading to phishing sites are clicked, or malicious emails are opened, behind which viruses and other sophisticated threats are lurking.

What can companies do?

Not all incidents can be prevented, but the risks of a successful attack or the consequences of such an incident can be minimized by proper preparations and regular checks.

It should be clear that only a systematic and comprehensive security concept can ensure information security. ISO 27001 sets out these requirements for an information security management system to demonstrate an organization’s ability to protect its information assets.

Our offer:

ISMS consulting

Our experts can help you set up and operate your ISMS. Are you aiming for ISO 27001 certification? We would be happy to prepare you for an external ISO 27001 audit following our ISMS process.

ISMS outsourcing – external ISB as a service

We take over the responsibility for your ISMS so that you can concentrate on your core business. We offer complete outsourcing of your ISMS projects, control and update your ISMS, adapt the necessary documents to your company, help you choose the right tools, conduct awareness training, prepare you for regular surveillance audits.

Our services, your advantages:

  • Relevant documentation

    You will receive customized documents, guidelines and templates from us.

    So you are best prepared for an audit.
  • Implemented ISMS

    Whether you are implementing an ISMS for the first time or need support for an external audit or a monitoring audit.

    . We create a project plan together with you and accompany you during the implementation. 
  • Transparency about your assets

    With the implementation of ISMS, you have clear idea about your assets that should be protected.

    This allows you to assess the consequences of a cyberattack and initiate relevant protection measures.

  • Awareness of your employees

    You want to avoid that your employees click on links leading to phishing sites?

    We support you in training your employees and in conducting tests and exercises.
  • Audit of your ISMS

    You have implemented an ISMS and want to be sure that it is lived properly in your company?

    Our audits ensure that your assets are protected and stay protected. 
  • Efficiency and competitive advantage

    With ISMS implemented, you can not only stay on top of your assets, but create a competitive advantage and trust with your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Certification shows your customers that you are a trustworthy partner and reliably take care of the security of your assets.
    However, certification in itself is worthless if the steps taken are not lived.
  • Your IT department has other tasks.
    In addition, it is necessary to employ an ISMS officer who is only responsible to the management and who independently reviews and develops the ISMS. Without this independence, security cannot be guaranteed at the appropriate level.
  • Only in this way, by an external and independent auditor, you can obtain transparency as to whether and at which point of your ISMS there is a need for action.